Recreation and excursion

Our farm is an excellent starting point for various outings and excursions, as well as visits to different thermal spas.
Bicyclists can enjoy prime conditions and choose between Pannonian flat terrain tours and hilly tours in the vicinity of Jeruzalem.
A new contribution to our tourist farm is a beach volleyball court, built according to all international rules, which has already attracted professional teams to train for the seasons to come. Top athletes, especially, have very good opportunities here for condition training and relaxation after a strenuous season.
The descent down the Mura river is a special experience and we can organise it for You by prior reservation.
Our country house has always had a hunting lodge and we would therefore be happy to arrange deer or pheasant hunting for You or a walk with a hunter at the foot of Jeruzalem. 

Jeruzalem 2,5 km 
Tennis 3 km 
Swimming pool (Summer time) 3 km 
Therme Banovci 9 km 
Bio Therme Mala Nedelja 10 km 
Therme Radenci 20 km 
Therme Lendava 25 km 
Therme 3000 Murska Sobota 30 km 
Golf Murska Sobota 30 km 
Golf Ptuij 35 km 
Deer and pheasant hunting 
Fishing 6 km 
Trotting course (Summer time) 3 km